Travel and Tourism-Spitzkoppe Namibia,A 100-Million Year Old Granite Mountain

Travel and Tourism-Spitzkoppe Namibia,A 100-Million Year Old Granite Mountain

Spitzkoppe Namibia, also known as the ‘Matterthorn of Africa’, is located between Usakos and Swakopmund in the Spitskop Nature Reserve. The 100 -million year old granite mountain is one of the most photographed sites in Namibia, particularly during its stunning sunrise and sunset when the brown and grey granite turns stunning saffron and ochre colours.

Spitzkoppe Namibia

Rising a majestic 1, 829 m (6, 000 ft) from the valley floor, the granite massif can often been seen dotted with experienced climbers of all nationalities. Although it is not the country’s highest peak, it is commonly regarded as the most famous. First conquered in 1946 , Spitzkoppe Namibia is a difficult mountain to climb, despite first appearances.

Part of the Erongo Mountains, Spitzkoppe, or Spitskop, was created by the collapse of a giant volcano, creating many interesting and sometimes bizarre rock formations. If you look carefully you may see Bushman paintings, particularly in the area called, appropriately enough, ‘Bushman Paradise’ underneath a large rock awning. Next to Spitzkoppe lies its smaller cousin, ‘Little Spitzkoppe’, at a height of 1, 584 m (5, 197 ft), and the nearby Pontok Mountains.

Trotting throughout the reserve are springbok, gemsbok, eland, Burchell’s zebras and occasionally a camel. Also found in Spitzkoppe Namibia area are the yellow butter trees and the poison tree, which leaks an extremely dangerous white juice that the Bushmen use to poison their arrows.

What Is Spitzkoppe Namibia

A 100 -million year old granite mountain.

Where Is Spitzkoppe Namibia

Near Swakopmund in Namibia.

Spitzkoppe Namibia Also Known As

‘The Matterhorn of Africa’
Why Should I Go To Spitzkoppe Namibia

To climb, to camp or just to watch the spectacular sunrise and sunset.


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