The Most Popular Campsites Tayrona National Park Colombia

The Most Popular Campsites Tayrona National Park Colombia

North from Taganga, the Perque Nacional Tayrona (Tayrona National Park Colombia) stretches for 85 km (53 mi), a largely unspoiled and beautiful coastline where you can see monkeys, iguanas and snakes in their natural habitat. It covers 300 sq km (115 sq mi) of the Caribbean Sea and 1,200 sq km (460 sq mi) of coastline that rises to an altitude of 975 km (3,200 ft) above sea level, affording gorgeous views of the surrounding hillsides and pristine beaches. Here the main objective is relaxation and swimming in these azure protected waters. If you are feeling inspired, you can always visit the archeological site of Pueblito and its indigenous peoples.

Tayrona National Park Colombia

Visitors to the Tayrona National Park Colombia hike the scenic trails to the mouth of the Piedras River, to the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Juan de Guia, Arrecifes, Shell Bay or the Cove of Chengue.

The Tayrona National Park Colombia is ideal for exploring and consists of a tropical dry forest, marine grass prairies and an exciting array of coral reefs with an abundance of undersea life. More than 100 species of land mammals and birds, from the common deer to the elusive white eagle, also call the park home.

Camping and ecotourism are the only options for overnight accommodation because here the importance of the conservation of the environment is taken very seriously. The ecohabs, or ecologically-friendly structures, are characteristic of the local Tayrona architecture, adding another element of charm to this already special place. If you prefer staying out of doors, El Cabo where you can hang your hammock and sway to the sea breezes, is one of the most popular campsites.

What Is Tayrona National Park Colombia

A gorgeous stretch of unspoiled coastline.

Where Is Tayrona National Park Colombia

34 km (21 mi) from Santa Marta, serviced by air from Bogota.

What Is To See In Tayrona National Park Colombia

Snorkel, dive or just relax in a hammock.


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