Beautiful and Unique Candle Designs

Beautiful and Unique Candle Designs

1.Floating Candles Inspired by Origami 

How sweet are these? Slovak designer Roman Ficek has designed candles inspired by paper boats. Called Candle Sail, they’re available in six colors and each have a burning time of about 2 hours. Love that they remind you of beautiful origami. The shape isn’t only for aesthetic purposes but also for functional ones. The candles actually float in water.

2. Merlot Scented Wine, Cheese & Grape Novelty Candle Gift Sets

Gift Set includes a wine glass candle, cheese candle, grape candle, and tray
Realistic looking grapes cheese and wine glass
Gift box size 10″x4″x10″
Burn Time 45 hours. Merlot scented
Pack of 3 Sets.

3. Scented Coffee Bean Mug Novelty Candles 

Wake up with these tempting coffee scented candles
Scent(s): French Vanilla, Cafe Mocha, Hazelnut
Approximate burn time: 12.5 hrs/candle
Wax Weight: 15 oz/candle
Dimensions: 4″H x 4″W
Material: Wax
Lead free – 100% cotton wicks only

 4. Hand Gesture Candles

This line of colorful candles are both in looks and attitude. Hands making gestures cast from real hands and whose burn time is approximately 3 hours each.

5. Bravit Large candles

BRAVIT is a candle, with an extremely flat design, it creates an elegant translucency and reveals its inner wick structure, which defines the path through which the fire will travel. The wick structure creates excitement and completely draws attention to the candle.

6. Orvis Indian Corn Candles

Incredibly realistic, these festive Indian Decorative Corn Candles are made entirely by hand and are wrapped with real corn husks for added authenticity. To add a final touch of realism, each decorative corn cob candle is hand colored with natural colors to achieve a traditional look. 9 1/2″H. USA.

7. Cactus Tea Lights Candle Set

 A collection of 16 tea lights creates a stylish garden atmosphere that uses no water. Made of paraffin. Base size approx. 1.5″ diameter Includes sixteen assorted pieces per box set.

8. Rose Candle Wedding Unity Set

Rose Candles is handcrafted from pure beeswax, cotton wick, and air-dried roses in California. They are long burning and have a delicately fragrant, natural honey aroma. Each candle is hand-built by shaping and dipping many delicate layers. It takes many hours over a period of several days to make each set.No two candles look exactly the same.

9. Sushi Candle Set

100% Pure Beeswax and all cotton fiber wick
Candle burn time: approx. 2-3 hrs. each futomaki & spam, 2 hrs for hosomaki, 3-5 hrs. for musubi
Candle size: approx. 2″ diameter X 1″ high futomaki and spam, 1.5″ diameter X 1″ high hosomaki, 3″ X 3″ x 1″ musubi.

10. Porcelain Votive Soy Candles

The set of six Egg Candles also comes with a cute little porcelain birdie and packaged in a custom cardboard egg carton. (perfect for gift giving!) Each set is slipcasted, fired and hand poured in our Michigan studio.

11. Log Candles

These cute tree branch votive log candles look like a tree that has been pruned with all of its branches cut, and yet the 2 budding leaves promise the coming of spring and regrowth. Each candle is carefully cut, rolled and shaped by hand from 100 percent pure beeswax honeycomb sheets. Natural beeswax candles are valued for its bright light and clean burning. It is a renewable resource made by industrious bees.


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