$20 Million For The Best Living Room In The World

$20 Million For The Best Living Room In The World

Now, here is a house with what could very well be the living room of your dreams. It looks less like the cramped TV room at home, and more like a museum, or part of a palace. It helps, of course, that this brilliant and unique room comes with an awesome view, and that it features a whole host of artworks and arty elements that would make the seasoned museum curator swoon with envy. It has 24-foot-high ceilings and is half the length of a basketball court, so there are no space issues if you decide to bring in a monstrous new television set or a new sculpture by some upcoming artist.

Now That Is A View!

First of all, as you walk into this room that is being hailed as the living room of the year, prepare to be taken by the natural light streaming in from its enormous floor-to-ceiling windows that seem the size of a movie screen. The American Museum of Natural History stands outside, as does Central Park, providing a brilliant view that is rare in New York. The natural light makes this a perfect venue for stocking art – loads and loads of art.

Art, Art Everywhere
There is no getting away from that spectacular Miro-style ceiling, which was created by Madrid-based artist Ramon Canet. Canet painted the ceiling while living and working there during the renovation period. No doubt about it, that ceiling adds character to the living room, setting it up as the perfect gallery for showing off a range of artworks. The current owners, a Latin American couple, have displayed several works of art by Cuban artist Emilio Sanchez. The room also contains a ceiling installation by Columbia-born Australia-based artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso and a wooden table and chair set by master artisan George Nakashimi. These valuable pieces have certainly found a wonderful home.

The woman owner, a philanthropist with a finance background, remembers falling in love with the room on first sight. Reports state that she visited 130 apartments before falling in love with this expansive room. She likened living here to living in Paris.

In The Heart Of New York

The location also helped. With the Museum of Natural History just a hop away and ever-bustling Central Park visible through the windows, this beautiful home had everything going for it. The building in which it housed is no less impressive. Located on 44 W. 77th St., the building has been drawing admiring stares since 1909. Originally built of terra cotta, the building is now supported by bricks to ensure longevity. Its tryst with art is an enduring one, having once been home to a sculptor who worked on parts of the fa├žade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It Could Be Yours

The thing is, this living room – and the home it comes with – could be yours for $20 million. The owner couple is planning to sell their home, even though they know they will miss the many celebrations held in their art filled living room. The rest of the house is as beautiful – there is a study done up in striking red, a blue-and-white bedroom for the little one, art-filled corridors and a luxurious bathroom. Of course, as these living room pictures will show, there is no escape from the charms of that big and beautiful living area, arguably the best one in New York.


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