Hotel Hell Hosted by Gordon Ramsay Revamps The Keating Hotel in San Diego

Hotel Hell Hosted by Gordon Ramsay Revamps The Keating Hotel in San Diego

Hotel Hell, the new show on Fox Television hosted by Chef Gordon Ramsay takes up a hotel being run by an inexperienced owner and gives it a makeover as per the demands of the industry. Juniper Hill Inn in Vermont and the Cambridge Hotel in upstate New York were the first two hotels taken up in the inaugural episodes. For the third episode Ransay had taken up the 35-room boutique hotel in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, The Keating. The owner Eddie Kaen who is a property dealer had bought the hotel for $6 million and got a car design company to transform it into the Ferrari of Hotels. Everything looked very sleek and modern and yet the guests found it austere, like a jail or like a hospital.

The Keating Hotel in San Diego

The Keating has been unable to fill up rooms and has been in debt for millions of dollars. Ramsay straight away felt that investments were insufficient in quality comforts such as linens and food. During the show Ramsay first meets the concierge to understand the drawbacks and the shortcomings in the hotel. And there were many as he soon discovered. The jacuzzi was part of the living room, the bed sheets were not pressed, there was no sofa or comfortable chairs, plastic plants were used for decoration and several other glaring examples. And despite all this a one night stay at the hotel costs the guests $759. Ramsay checked the food by ordering room service. He was surprised to find that the orders were taken by the front desk. It became evident soon that the concierge, those working the front desk, and the general manager, Sandra Vivas, were fill-in staffs for whatever needed done, from helping with laundry to relaying food orders.

The Executive Chef Fainted While Explaining His Helplessness

The food was horrible and Ramsay conveyed in no uncertain terms that the hotel was hell for the paying customers. He then met the General Manager to understand the complaint the guests normally made. Many of the complaints were related to food and its delivery and he wanted to see the kitchen. He was surprised to know that the kitchen was located in the restaurant The Merk, across the street. He ordered dinner which he found to be unappetizing and expensive. His meeting with the executive chef Brian Rutherford turned into a highpoint of the episode as while expressing his helplessness Brian fainted, falling at Ramsay’s feet.


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