Soft Rockers Charging Station is for Party Animals

Soft Rockers Charging Station is for Party Animals

If you are a party lover, you would love to have the MIT SOFT Rockers in your backyard. This is an outdoor furniture gadget which acts as an energy charging station. You can recharge your gadgets including cell phones, tablet devices, and eBooks in between classes while you socialize with your friends. It provides a relaxing atmosphere and ideal place to enjoy the fun with your near ones.

Teardrop-shaped garden furniture was installed for the festival of art, science and technology at Killian Court. The rocking lounge chairs with solar panels provide power up to three USB devices. The SOFT Rocker with its loop like form having softwood panels which can adapt to sun angle and the latitude of any site.

The curved, SOFT Rocker has seats covered by solar-panel that rotates on an axis to face the sun, bringing forth energy due to rocking motion produced the very moment a person climbs inside. The harvested energy will be utilized to recharge gadgets which are plugged to three USB ports and lights up a light strip present inside the loop.

The students of architecture have designed the solar powered lounger at MIT.  The team is lead by Professor Sheila Kennedy. The rocker utilizes human power of balance. It creates a solar tracking system of 35 watts with an interactive 1.5 axis. The twelve ampere battery has been used to harvest solar energy during sun light period. In other words, the gadgets will be charged on a cloudy day or even after sunset. The lighting loop at night will create a rejuvenating experience.


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