Kristin Cavallari Naval Show

Kristin Cavallari Naval Show
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Biography -
Birth Name:
Kristin Elizabeth Cavallari
Birthday: January 14, 1987
Nickname: Kris
Height: 5'2" (1.57 m)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
College: Freshman at University of Southern California (USC)
Best Friend: Alex Hooser

Kristin Cavallari lived with her parents in Colorado, until her parents divorced when she was in third grade. Her dad move to Laguna Beach, California with her brother. She moved with her mother in Chicago, Illinois. She has a step-father and step-brother. She acted out while there to get attention, and her mother couldn't handle it so she sent Kristin to go live with her dad in California. In her freshman year she attended a Catholic School with the uniforms to boot, but convinced her dad to let her attend public school starting her sophomore year. Freshman year she took Driver's Ed at Laguna High.
There she met Alex Hooser. and soon the rest of the Laguna Beach cast. -Laguna Beach: One day MTV came to her high school in January during her Junior year. The first day she wasn't in school, but the second day she went to school and she filled out a packet and they got her Polaroid taken. She later got a call from MTV and they wanted her to do an interview.
The first season of Laguna Beach, Kristin was introduced as the rich, beautiful, and popular junior girl who was going out with Stephen Colletti, the hottest high school senior in Laguna Beach. She also was flirting with other guys in front of him and complained a lot about his best friend "Lauren Conrad" known as "LC" The truth was that Stephen had been hanging out with Lauren behind Kristin's back. That made Kristin mad and caused them to break up, but viewers didn't see that part.
The second season of Laguna Beach was Kristin's senior year and Stephens freshman year at college. While Stephen was in college Kristin was out partying with her best friends. She also hooked up with Talan, but she got over him quickly. Kristin has now graduated from High School and has a hot BMW SUV car. She an Stephen are now officially over and she is going on with her life.

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