Ned Ship Develops Vessels With Solar Power that Can Cruise in Complete Silence

Ned Ship Develops Vessels With Solar Power that Can Cruise in Complete Silence

Using a sustainable source of energy has no negative impact on the environment, it saves you a bulk of the recurring cost and more often than not the process is silent. The luxury yacht owners would like to opt for solar power because the noisy generators can become a nuisance when you want to enjoy a tranquil cruise on the high seas. Ned Ship Group has joined hands with STR Europe to build a couple of multihull vessels equipped with solar cells in combination with either electric or hybrid power plants. One of them would be a 65 foot catamaran that can operate as a private yacht or a luxurious ferry and the other would be a 131 foot trimaran which will boast of a pool and several entertainment areas.

Vessels Designed as a Hybrid

Both the vessels have been designed to consume least amount of energy to power a range of gadgets and amenities on a luxury yacht. The catamaran is capable of cruising up to six hours a day at a top speed of ten knots on electric propulsion alone. Designed as a hybrid the catamaran can attain a top speed of 18 knots on alternate power supply. The trimaran which is also a hybrid is capable of a top speed of 25 knots and an extended range of 4,000 nautical miles. It can also cruise for six hours a day at ten knots on electric power alone quietly. Both the vessels are free from vibrations, noise and engine smells.

Solar Power Vessel Interior Design Meets Owner Demands

It is a unique experience to anchor a yacht and enjoy the complete silence with no humming noise of a generator and the resultant fumes and smell. The weight of both the vessels will be kept to a minimum by using mostly lightweight materials. The interiors can be designed to incorporate the demands by the owner but will prefer to opt for solutions that require less electricity to operate. The catamaran has been designed as a yacht and will feature a kitchen, large living area and owner’s suite in addition to four luxury suites each with en-suite bathrooms. The solar panels cover the fly bridge but can be lifted hydraulically. The highlight of the trimaran will be the retractable pool on the aft deck and will also feature several entertainment areas.


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