The Most High Tech Superyacht Adastra Unveiled in China

The Most High Tech Superyacht Adastra Unveiled in China

Yachts are an expensive toy that only billionaires can afford. But they are very demanding and want more and more luxuries on their boat. Last year, the Russian billionaire and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich bought a £300 million super luxurious super yacht which boasts of two swimming pools, two helipads, a gym, hair salon, dance floor and submarine that resembles the one used by James Bond in one of his movies. The latest super yacht that is sure to trigger a trend was unveiled in China recently. The Adastra is a £15-million super yacht with a shiny body and smooth curves. The unusually shaped yacht could be confused for a spacecraft if placed on a runway.

This new floating pleasure palace was commissioned by billionaire businessman Anto Marden who is based in Hong Kong. He had commissioned it five years ago but the wait has been worthwhile as the end result has made him the owner of the most high-tech yacht. It is even possible to control the Adastra with an iPad if you are within 50 meters of the boat. The super yacht has been designed by Sussex-based yacht designer John Shuttleworth who has a record of creating exclusive yachts. He worked on the power trimaran concept but took it several notches above what had been tried so far. Mr. Shuttleworth was talking to Boat International and described in detail the intricacies of developing a craft of this nature.

Anto Marden has made his billions in the shipping industry and naturally knows a thing or two about boats and yachts. After extensive research and development he got the yacht made in Zhuhai, China. His new boat would make it very convenient to sail between the two islands he already owns off the coast of Indonesia and the others he might acquire in the future. The industry experts have also described the Adastra as one of the world’s most amazing super yachts. The yacht is 42.5 meters long, 16 meters wide and weighs in at 52 tons. It boasts of features and amenities that are not normally found in yachts of this shape and size.

It was a challenge to make this yacht but the research and development effort has brought in new thinking to the industry about the stability and comfort at sea for this type of craft. It not only rivals but betters a lot of bigger and more expensive yachts. Adastra boasts of a hull built from glass and Kevlar. It has accommodations for nine guests and six crewmen. The deck salon provides panoramic views. The aft open deck has a door that opens out become a bathing platform. The Adastra is capable of a top speed of 22.5 knots and can cruise up to 4,000 nautical miles at 17 knots. It is good enough to sail from UK to New York. It is powered by one Caterpillar C18 engine of 1150hp at 2300 rpm and has 2 Yanmar 110hp @ 3200 rpm outrigger engines. The yacht has been designed for efficient long range cruising. It is the most high-tech super yacht as yet but will definitely inspire other designers to do better particularly so when they will be encouraged by  billionaires with unlimited budgets.

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