Travel and Tourism-Pilsen Czech Republic An Ultra-Modern Superstructure City

Travel and Tourism-Pilsen Czech Republic An Ultra-Modern Superstructure City

Your first sight of Pilsen Czech Republic is of ultra-modern superstructure, which is a perfect expression of its economic significant to the Czech Republic, and of its own prosperity. It’s home to a colossal brewery, to whose particular style of beer the city has given its name, and to the Skoda company, which since 1859 has been a stalwart of international engineering. The surprise is that Pilsen was equally successful four centuries before the industrial revolution.

Pilsen Czech Republic

The evidence is the city’s historical centre. Founded in 1295 by Wenceslaus II as Plzen, Pilsen Czech Republic rapidly became one of Bohemia’s most important trade centres, closely associated with its German neighbours, Nuremberg and Regensburg. Culturally, it oversaw the printing of the first Czech book, the Trojanys Chronicle in 1468; and it was the centre of Catholic resistance during the Hussite Wars.

Briefly (1599-1600) the Royal capital of Emperor Rudolf II, the city waned after the end of the Thirty Years War – but it had already acquired the architectural treasures that still characterize its heart. Wenceslaus always intended the city to be big, and the historical centre still is. Dominated by the Gothic, late 13th century St Bartholomew’s Cathedral, and its 102-m (335-ft) steeple, Pilsen‘s great square is a dictionary of medieval, Renaissance and early Baroque vernacular architecture, Czech with a German accent. Their functions vary, but each building is among the finest stylistic demonstrations of its era.

The magnificence extends to the surrounding streets, built on a grid system and (as Wenceslaus decreed) unusually wide to enhance their elegance and nobility.

Pilsen Czech Republic‘s historic integrity also runs underground. From the 13th to the 19th centuries, the city developed a huge complex of cellars and tunnels two and three levels deep, beneath the centre. Through wars, pestilence and strife, they helped preserve the city above. Every visitor will be grateful.

Population Of Pilsen Czech Republic

163,000 (2005)

When To Go To Pilsen Czech Republic

Year-round. I lie Cultural Festival is in spring, the Jazz Festival in summer, and the Film Festival in autumn. Winter is for looking beautiful in the snow.

Don’t Miss To Visit This Place In Pilsen Czech Republic
*The mid-16th century Renaissance Town Hall.
*The West Bohemian (Art) Gallery, in the converted Gothic building of Masne Kramy (the Butchers’ Shop).
*The Brewery Museum – followed by the Brewery tour.
*The Franciscan monastery.
*The Great Synagogue – built in 1892 and incorporating every style from Moorish 10 Art Nouveau. The world’s third biggest, after Budapest and Jerusalem.

You Should Know About Pilsen Czech Republic

Despite attempts by the then Czechoslovakian governments of the communist era to suppress the fact, Pilsen Czech Republic was liberated from the Nazis by General George S Patton and the US 3rd Army on May 6 1945.


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